What is Curative Management?

What exactly is Curative Management? Perhaps, it’s a new methodology formulated to cure the ills of management, the newest theoretical advancement in management theory, or a science based rigorous exploration for the definitive modalities for effective management practices.  Certainly, I present these suppositions with a tongue-in-cheek irreverence, well at least partial irreverence, that might mimic an advertisement found in the recesses of a poorly circulated trade journal.  I emphasize the partial irreverent tonality based on the fact that this blog may at times visit occurrences of mismanagement, fields of management theory, or scholarly work in management practice.

However, the true essence of this healthcare management blog is centered in advancing the practice of healthcare management. To that end, the site addresses themes related to healthcare management practices and thought leadership in areas such as healthcare delivery, corporate citizenship and sustainability, patient experience and privacy, healthcare quality and process improvement, risk management, the business and economics of healthcare, supply chain management, healthcare information systems, and healthcare data collection and analysis.

Additionally, the site’s author will provide reviews of books, trade articles, and scholarship produced by healthcare management practitioners and thought leaders.  Further, it is the authors hope that, in time, guest writers might share their experiences and insights in areas of interest surrounding the central themes of this undertaking.  In the end, the sites originator aspires to create a gateway to rich informative content that enhances the healthcare ecosystem, the practice of healthcare management, enriches society, and most importantly provides a positive impact in the lives of patients.


Michael L. Cosmah